The Bailey Family

Hey there!

I’m Robin Bailey (thus the DAILEY) and thrilled you’re here. It must mean one of two things. One, you’re curious to find a way to stay motivated to make fitness a life-long journey. GREAT!  Or two, you can’t get enough of the Enneagram and nerdy Science. PERFECT!

Here are my fitness credentials:

  • Mom says I grew up on my head “always flitting around”
  • Cheer, Dance, Gymnastics from K to College
  • Aerobics Instructor (think leg warmers)
  • A sprinkling of Track, Tennis, “Jogging”, & Baton Twirling 
  • Certified RRCA Running Coach
  • EnneaNerd & Real Nerd-Want-To-Be
  • An inner calling to Inspire & Motivate
  • A bunch of Half-Marathons & 4 Marathons (I did not win any, but thanks for asking) 
Standing with arms crossed showing confidence.
Happy Bailey kids

"The apples don't fall far from the tree... "


*proud not-so-smart mom of smart kids

Em is pursuing her PHD in Entomology at NCSU, a top-ranked school for this field of study and she’s killing it! Her knowledge & love-of-bugs has encouraged many kids to squish their fear of creepy-crawlers and college students to choose Entomology for their career! *Did I mention she’s also an amazing artist?

John is pursuing his love of learning at Stanford with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Too tall to travel to Mars as an astronaut (shew), his focus is now on the brain and how to tap into its unused potential. *Hide your electronics, he’ll take them apart to see how they work…

Harrison is pursuing his love of Squirrel Chasing and the Art of Being Cute. He is officially Best In Class for SNUGGLING!

Happy couple



Jack and I are officially empty-nesters, figuring out what the heck to do now! 

ME: As an Enneagram Type 9, I’m the keeper of peace and harmony in the family. In case you don’t know, I specifically LoVe long runs alone, outside in sunshine with a good podcast or playlist. 

HIM: As a Type 1, Jack keeps everything right and in order in the family. He is meticulous in counting runs, lifts, & biking…and it shows (winky-face). With the help of his personal certified running coach (winky-face), I’m finally getting him to realize that every workout doesn’t need to be a PR. 


*correction: Then There Were 3, if you count Harrison (and we always do).