Science and Fitness
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Don’t yawn! SCIENCE can be incredibly interesting, and dare we say, FUN! Knowing just a little about how the brain and body works is powerful. We’re excited to share tips on how to use science as a tool to motivate your workouts…

BONUS: Use these cool facts to impress and amaze friends. And remember, science is science, it doesn’t change, it’s the FACTS (except for that whole Pluto “now it’s not a planet” thing. We’re TeamPlanet!!!)

When you need that one extra BOOST for your WHYs, or your Enneagram Core Motivation, this is your go-to, your rocket fuel.

Super fast reads for that extra workout fuel!

I’m obsessed with this stuff! Hope you are too. 

One body, One brain, One life.

Check back soon. We’re always finding more fun science to encourage your fitness journey!