Enneagram Type 6

The Loyalist

Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious

Core Motivation: To be supported & secure

As an Enneagram Type 6:  you’re a strategist. You’re looking at all sides of the equation, and constantly scanning your environment for what might go on. You can find the glitch in anything, and subsequently you can work out a solution. You’re good at playing devil’s advocate and looking at the side of things that others may want to avoid. 

Challenges you might face as a Type 6:  you can be suspicious and skeptical. Your excessive analysis can sometimes cause you not to move forward. This can cause you to be always on alert, and therefore have trouble relaxing. You might be consumed with worry, weariness, or procrastination. You want to cover all the basis before moving forward.

What all this means in your fitness journey:  you crave structure and routine. You’ll want to learn every single detail before diving into a plan of action. You’ll want to analyze the plan, what it will require of you, and whether it comes from a credible source. Be careful not to hinder your own progress. You could potentially get too hung up in all the things that are “incorrect” or “not quite right” and then put off getting started at all.

What’s amazing about being a type 6 is that once you do become trusting of the source, you’ll be excellent at developing a plan of action. You’ll reach the finish line, by making mini goals, instead of getting overwhelmed with the large task ahead. Make a conscious choice to press past your anxiousness and just start. Then you’ll be ready to run toward the goal.

Remember your attention goes to:  what could be dangerous and what could go wrong. Take some time to evaluate everything, then allow your strategy-making skills to lead you straight down the path of your healthiest self yet. Don’t wait until you have every single detail figured out. Remember, each day that goes by is a valuable gift. So, prioritize your health and just get started. You can figure some things out as you go.

Mantras:  It is okay to trust others. I am prepared.

Try:  Home workouts you’ve loved for years, or group class that are consistent from session to session. Self-defense classes like the martial arts to get your body as prepared as your head. Runs or hikes in familiar places you love.