Enneagram Type 7

The Enthusiast

Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive, and Scattered

Core Motivation: To be satisfied & content

As an Enneagram Type 7:  you’re always ready for the next adventure! You’re a risk-taker, a visionary, and can easily stay focused on being positive no matter the circumstance. You’re upbeat, energetic, and an avid learner. Always great at strategizing and seeing possibility in everything.

Challenges you might face as a Type 7:  you want to dance through all of life’s fun experiences, so you may have trouble sticking to one main thing. You may become easily bored, and ready to move onto the next exciting thing. You want freedom to be your own person and to do things your own way.

What this means in your fitness journey:  you may have some trouble being disciplined and staying on course when it’s no longer new and exciting. You may want to stop, shift gears, and jump onto the next thing that promises quick results in a way that seems more fun. This means you’ll need to consistently revert to your WHYs, and truly commit to the plan.

You’re great at seeing the big picture, so use this in your favor since wellness is a longer-term progression rather than a quick fix. 

Keeping your eyes on the goal and choosing to stay committed when you don’t feel like it, will lead to success.

Remember your attention goes to:  the fun and the positive. You’ve got plenty of energy for working out, you just need to focus and stay consistent. As an Enneagram type 7, you’re an inspirer. So, as you make progress in your own fitness journey, you’ll be compelled to inspire others and that will be new and exciting and reason enough to keep on going!

P.S. Cardio will help relax your (secretly) anxious mind, and some high energy music is the cherry on top.

Mantras:  I am organized when I put my mind to it. THIS is fun.

Try:  High energy, music based cardio workouts with a social aspect. Group workouts in a park, 5k glow-in-the-dark run, Peloton Classes with different instructors.