Enneagram 3

The Achiever

Adaptable,Excelling, Driven, and Image Conscious

Core Motivation: To be admired & valued

As an Enneagram Type 3:  you thrive on performing. Whether it’s a task, a goal, a plan, or whatever else. You’re great at making a goal and crushing it. You’re competitive with yourself and with others. You’re hard-working and maintain a can-do-it attitude. 

Challenges you might face as a Type 3:  you may become unbalanced because of your constant desire to be the best. You might focus so much on winning, that you forget your own emotions until the task is completed. 

You might place your identity in whether you “succeed” or not, which means you might get caught up in feeling like your worth is determined by your fitness achievement.

What all this means for your fitness journey:  you’ve got an uncanny ability to slip into “Just Do It” mode. You can see the goal, write it down, and make it happen. 

You can focus, and keep a positive expectation on the outcome, which can easily lead you all the way to your health goals. You’re not afraid of a challenge and can push your fears aside to move yourself toward accomplishing what you set out to do.

When you slow down and practice mindfulness, you can make your health pursuit more enjoyable and doable over the long term. The truth of the matter is that a health journey will forever be ongoing. 

So even after you meet your predetermined goal, you’ll still have to pay attention to your daily decisions. Otherwise, you’ll revert right back to where you started. 

This means you should find a plan that is doable for your everyday life so that you don’t reach your goal and suddenly stop doing all the things that got you there.

To empower your fitness as a Type 3, set goals. Using short- and long-term goals will drive your pursuit. Make your goals tangible and measurable and remember to be realistic while challenging yourself. 

Sign up for a race, pick a new fitness skill to master, or see if you can beat your last record timing for something. Challenge and compete with yourself. You’ll skyrocket your success.

Remember your habit of attention goes to:  winning, so finding a community where you can be competitive is key to hitting your fitness goals. CrossFit, Orange Theory, Peloton are great forms of training with a social media component which makes it easy to share your results and is likely to keep you on task.

Fitness Mantra: My self-worth does not depend on my success. I can and I will.

Try: Exercises with short & long-term goals, workouts recorded on a calendar or with an app, share your journey on social media for accountability and inspiring others.