Three Marvel Superheroes


Ah, the Law of Three! Let’s see what’s behind the classic “good things come in threes!”

Three is a very special number. It’s the smallest number needed to create a pattern or sequence, it represents balance and harmony…a three-legged stool or the three-part harmony in music, or the number of blind mice or sleepy bears needed for a good story.

You can see the pattern of three in storytelling, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, mythology, science, literally everywhere!


Now For The SCIENCE:

The Law of Three proposes that any phenomenon or event in the world can be explained by the interaction of three fundamental forces or principles:

  1. Active Force – This force is responsible for initiating or catalyzing a process or event. It represents the energy needed to start something new or to bring about change.
  2. Passive Force – This force represents resistance, inertia, or opposition to change. It provides a counterbalance to the active force and prevents it from going too far or becoming unbalanced.
  3. Neutralizing Force – This force mediates or harmonizes the interaction between the active and passive forces. It ensures that the process or event stays within a certain range of balance or equilibrium.

Now Let’s Make it INTERESTING…*and don’t miss the photo at the end

Imagine you have three superheroes: Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Individually, they’re *pretty powerful, but when they come together as a team, they become unbeatable.

  • Iron Man: the Active Force, as he is often confident, proactive, and driven to make things happen. 
  • Captain America: the Passive Force, as he is often principled, stoic, and willing to stand up for what he believes is right, even in the face of opposition. 
  • Thor: as the god of thunder and protector of Asgard, he is the Neutralizing Force, as he has the ability to bridge different worlds and bring opposing forces together.

The Law of Three is a true MARVEL (obvious pun), three unique super-forces coming together to create a sum greater than their parts…to Save The World.

We love the number THREE. There is power behind it. Start looking for it. And by all means, use the Law of Three for your fitness motivation!


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Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America

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