WHY's 1

Why Clarify Your WHYs?

Here it is: When the going gets tough, and it will, you’ll hear yourself screaming:

Why the heck am I doing this?” 

Now you’ll have your answers. Take pen to paper and list every WHY you can. 

NERD ALERT: It’s important to write, not type your list. Why? When you’re writing something down with a pen and paper, you’re stimulating a collection of cells in the base of your brain known as the reticular activating system. 

The RAS is the filter for all of the information your brain needs to process and it gives more attention to what you are currently focusing on.

In other words, the physical act of writing brings the information to the forefront and triggers your brain to pay close attention.  Volia!

TIPS for Success:

  • Keep your WHYs visible, at least the ones you don’t mind anyone else seeing (no judging here…) 
  • Revisit them often to tweak, adjust or to quiet your inner screaming.
  • Some WHYs will never change, some are always changing.
  • There are no wrong or silly WHYs, I’m currently manifesting #92.
  • WHYs are the fuel for your motivation… 


Warm up your brain with these 96 WHYs

*be sure to get to the end of the list (you’re welcome)

  1. I want to be healthy enough to see my kids grow up. 
  2. My mind needs a break from work or school or whatever…
  3. I’d like to actually use my athleisure wear for more then looking cute.
  4. I want energy to keep up with my toddler. 
  5. FOMO
  6. I want to prove to myself I can run a mile, 5k, half-marathon, marathon, or ultras.
  7. What if I bump into Jason Moma? (*Renee Shockey)
  8. I need to get healthy to avoid or address some of my family’s health history.
  9. What a great “excuse” to get out of the house, alone for a couple of hours.
  10. If I don’t have a training plan and a goal, I won’t stay consistant.
  11. I’m not getting any younger, so I guess it won’t get any easier.
  12. I want to look good for this upcoming wedding, reunion or trip. 
  13. I’d like to feel good about my body.
  14. Rege-Jean Page may ask you to promenade.
  15. I love the endorphins.
  16. Muscles are sexy.
  17. I want to enjoy shopping for my former size.
  18. If I workout more, I’ll NEED to have more cute workout stuff. 
  19. Healthier body, heathier mind.
  20. I would like to live longer.
  21. I want to make my ex jealous.
  22. Anxiety is no fun.
  23. I’d like to know if I get ill, I’m in good shape and can snap out if it quickly. 
  24. I want to be a good role model for my kids to see I take care of myself. 
  25. I want to help others enjoy staying active. 
  26. I like to eat a little too much…gotta burn it off.
  27. Need to protect my bone density.
  28. I gotta be one of the cool kids.
  29. I want a creative outlet. 
  30. If I get in better shape, I can maybe get off some medications.
  31. All the different sports look fun… at least to try.
  32. I love to compete.
  33. I’d like to get in a zone & clear my head.
  34. It’s a good plan to get active while I still can.
  35. Someone said I “couldn’t.”
  36. You find out your renting a villa next to George Clooney’s.
  37. I need to be fit and have energy to lead my team, family, company.
  38. I’m smart and want to understand fitness stuff I’ve never tried.
  39. I want to show everyone I can do hard things.
  40. I refuse to age and be frumpy and inactive.
  41. I’m not typical, so watch what I can do.
  42. I’m so goal oriented! Let’s make a new one! 
  43. We’re going on a trip and I want to be able to hike that mountain to see the waterfall.
  44. I want to be fit enough to climb all the stairs to my child’s, grandchild’s or great-grandchild’s graduation.  
  45. I want to be strong enough to protect myself.
  46. Have you seen all the cool tech stuff for “sports?”
  47. My resting heart rate is out of the normal limits.
  48. I feel less “murdery” when I workout.
  49. I want a swimmers body.
  50. Flexibility and balance is key to aging gracefully.
  51. I watched that movie “Brittney Runs a Marathon” and I think I want to give it a try.
  52. I’ve always wanted to_____.
  53. I’m an influencer and need to stay on trend.
  54. What does “hitting the wall” in a marathon feel like?
  55. I use to ___________ (ex. dance, play soccer, do hot yoga, play tennis, hike, tap dance, walk, ballet), I’d love to start back.
  56. My BP is pretty high.
  57. I want arms, like GI Jane arms.
  58. I want to walk into LuLuLemon knowing I’m gonna sweat in my new purchase.
  59. It’s fun to post workout photos on social media.
  60. I’d like to find other unique people who like to do the same activities I like.
  61. I want to be one of those couples who bike or hike together.
  62. What if I bump into Ryan Gosling in dance class? (he had to learn those moves somewhere for LaLaLand)
  63. If I workout a little, my golf game could improve. 
  64. I’d like a cool magnet on my car (5K,10K,13.1, 26.2, 70.3, 140.6) 
  65. I like being a part of groups that have similar interest, like yoga, workout classes, running clubs, mom stroller groups.
  66. How fun are those “finish line” photos?
  67. Why should “famous” people be the only ones to look fit?
  68. I just moved and need to meet new people (gyms, running, dog walking, Orange Theory)
  69. I need to burn off anger…in a constructive way.
  70. I can take the kids out for stroller rides it’s a win-win.
  71. The AMA says regular exercise can cut heart attack risk by 50%.
  72. I just like feeling physically fit.
  73. YOLO
  74. I won’t have to worry about fitting into an airplane seat.
  75. I always wanted a dog, now I’ll get a dog and commit to walking a couple of times a day.
  76. I’ve just gotten too comfortable not being active.
  77. Brad Pitt is single.
  78. Regular movement can “regrow” the structures of the brain linked to cognitive decline in older adults.
  79. Staying fit and healthy is just the right thing to do.
  80. I am paying for a gym membership, I should use it!
  81. What if Hollywood calls and Chris Helmsworth needs a leading lady?
  82. I’ve got an upcoming girls trip-with activities. I want to be able to participate in them all!
  83. Feeling fit can help me feel successful.
  84. I can be part of a special community.
  85. Gonna slow the aging process anyway I can.
  86. I love numbers and stats, so sports tech could be fun.
  87. I want to appear strong.
  88. Being stronger means I can protect those I love.
  89. I miss out on stuff because I don’t run-hike-paddle board-yoga-bike.
  90. I must stay healthy to walk and take care of my fur-baby.
  91. I don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable.
  92. Yellowstone Final Season is looking for fit extras (Rip will be there).
  93. I need to sharpen my body as much as I sharpen as my mind.
  94. Justin Timberlake may write a song about me, need to be at my best.
  95. I don’t have time—to get sick, so I need to be proactive.
  96. If the Zombies come, I want to be able to run.


Yellowstone's Rip

Be ready to refresh your list often. 

We’re constantly adding new & interesting WHYs for your entertainment, 

But most of all, we want to encourage your fitness journey!