Enneagram Type 9

The Peacemaker

Receptive, Reassuring, Complacent, and Resigned

Core Motivation: To be at peace & harmonious

As an Enneagram Type 9:  you love connection, harmony, and pleasantness. You’re a mediator. You’ll do everything you can to keep peace within yourself and among the people around you. You’re inclusive, accepting, and can be described as the glue that holds the family/community/group together.

Challenges you might face as a Type 9:  are procrastination and distraction. Because you tend to stay within your comfort zone, you may push your goals to the side, or say no to opportunities because of their potential to make you feel uncomfortable. You do not like to be overly controlled, or strongly pushed to do things you don’t want to do. Your biggest hindrance is indecisiveness, because you’re great at seeing all sides, and somehow intermingling your opinion with that of those around you.

What all this means in your fitness journey:  you may be slow starting, or even avoid starting a wellness journey for quite some time. You may have trouble nailing down a plan, because you can see pros and cons to every different plan that comes your way. Rather than determining what you feel is best, you might get lost in what someone around you is doing, or enjoying, or pressuring you to do.

What’s great is that as a peacemaker you are a quiet achiever. Meaning that once you settle yourself and decide what’s best for you, you’ll be able to focus, commit, and reach your goal. You can find motivation within yourself, if you can learn to trust yourself enough to do so.

Consistency is a strong suit of yours! So as you settle into the plan of action that’s right for you, you’ll be able to stay the course all the way until you reach your desired goal. As long as you stay focused, commit to being assertive, and go ahead and just start, you’re on your way to real success in this area of your life.

Remember your attention goes to:  harmony and how to maintain a peaceful environment. Recognize that inertia runs deep in you and that to overcome this it is important to find something you really love, that gets you deeply into your body. You spend a lot of time not saying what you want to say, so why not let your workout regime be where you express yourself more fully. Your core need is to have inner stability and peace of mind. Finding peace can be in a long outdoor run, or even lifting in a gym where your headphones drown out the chaos around you. Whatever it may be, be sure to fulfill that peace of mind.

Mantra: I  motivate myself when I put my mind to it. Just GO.

Try:  A little of everything, you don’t have to make a big plan. Outdoor running, walking, or hiking in beautiful spaces. Hot yoga, paddle boarding, swimming.