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I laugh every time someone says: “It’s easy for you to keep fit, you’re just naturally motivated.” WHAT? I don’t have some motivation-superpower, what I do have, and can’t wait to share, is a super nerdy way to keep you moving… OnTheDailey.   

Because of my love of running, the Enneagram, and well, for staying ALIVE, I used the scientific Law of Three, rolled my 3 favs together and voila!

The Law of Three is a physics phenomenon for ENERGY creation. So here’s the formula to keep you moving: 1. clarify your WHYs, 2. use your Enneagram’s Core Motivation, then 3. sprinkle in some Science Stuff. 

As an Enneagram Type 9, I’m here to cheer you on to live STRONGER. LONGER. FUNNER… on the dailey!         

Robin Bailey

Three Steps

1 | Know your WHYs 

2| Know your Enneagram Core Motivation 

3| Know your Science

know YOUR WHYs

Your WHYs change, and evolve. Refresh them as needed.

This is your fuel.

know your enneagram core motivation

Your Enneagram Type is set, it never changes. 

This is your motivation!

know your science

Science is science. It doesn’t change *except for that Pluto issue.

This is your rocket fuel!





 You have one body.  Make it count.  Make it last.  Make it fun.

There is Power in knowing your Whys,

 Freedom in embracing your Motivation, 

and Nerd-Status in following the Science.

Let’s GO!

On the dailey

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