Enneagram Types

Find Your Enneagram Type

If you don’t know your Enneagram Type or not completely sure, relax, it’s a journey. You can take a test, or several. No test is 100% correct, but when you find your type, you’ll know (it’s usually the one that makes you a little uncomfortable).


Why can it be tricky to pinpoint your type? 

We all possess a tad of each type, and your type has 2 wings, a social style and multiple degrees of growth and stress. Even with “only” nine types, your Enneagram type is very, very unique.

  • Picture all Enneagram Type 5s as the color BLUE.  Now image how many shade and tones of blue exist: navy blue, royal blue, periwinkle, baby blue, and my personal fav, Carolina Blue!


But let’s keep it simple and fitness-friendly.

You are only one type. From a very early age until forever, you will only be that same ONE TYPE.

The Enneagram will help you know yourself and what drives you. It also opens your eyes to how others see the world and what drives them. What a great path towards empathy, kindness and world peace (let’s aim high)!

A Great Place To Start

READ the following 9 sets of statements from The Road Back To You. Circle the ones that sound like you. Read as if you were in your 20s before “personality” took over and “ego” was at its peak. Is there one type you relate to most? 

*NOTE: THE ROAD BACK TO YOU by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile, is a best selling book that launched the Enneagram into the mainstream population.


  1. People have told me I can be overly critical and judgmental.
  1. I beat myself up when I make mistakes.
  1. I don’t feel comfortable when I try to relax. These’s too much to be done.
  1. I don’t like it when people ignore or break the rules, like when the person in the fast lane at the grocery store has more items than allowed.
  1. Details are important to me.
  1. I often find that I’m comparing myself to others.
  1. If I say I’ll do it, I’ll do it.
  1. It is hard for me to let go of resentment.
  1. I think it is my responsibility to leave the world better than I found it.
  1. I have a lot of self-discipline.
  1. I try to be careful and thoughtful about how I spend money.
  1. It seems to me that things are either right or wrong.
  1. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I could be a better person.
  1. Forgiveness is hard for me.
  1. I notice immediately when things are wrong or out of place.
  1. I worry a lot.
  1. I am really disappointed when other people don’t do their part.
  1. I like routine and don’t readily embrace change.
  1. I do my best when working on a project, and I wish others would do the same, so I wouldn’t have to redo their work.
  1. I often feel like I try harder than others to do things correctly.

If you think you're a




  1. When it comes to taking care of others, I don’t know how or when to say no.
  1. I am a great listener, and I remember the stories that make up people’s lives.
  1. I am anxious to overcome misunderstandings in a relationship.
  1. I feel drawn to influential or powerful people.
  1. People think I’m psychic because I usually know what other people need or want.
  1. Even people I don’t know well share deep stuff about their lives with me.
  1. It seems like people who love me should already know what I need.
  1. I need to be acknowledged and appreciated for my contributions.
  1. I’m more comfortable giving then receiving.
  1. I like my home to feel like a safe and welcoming place for family and others.
  1. I care a great deal about what people think of me.
  1. I want other people to think I love everyone, even though I don’t.
  1. I like it when the people who love me do something unexpected for me.
  1. Lots of people ask me for help, and it makes me feel valuable.
  1. When people ask me what I need, I have no idea how to answer.
  1. When I’m tired I often feel like people take me for granted.
  1. People say my emotions can feel over-the-top.
  1. I feel angry and conflicted when my needs conflict with others’.
  1. Sometimes it is hard for me to watch movies because I find it almost unbearable to see people suffer.
  1. I worry a lot about being forgiven when I make mistakes.

If you think you're a




  1. It’s important for me to come across as a winner.
  1. I love walking in a room and knowing I making a great first impression on the crowd.
  1. I could persuade Bill Gates to buy a Mac.
  1. The keys to my happiness are efficiency, productivity and being acknowledged as the best.
  1. I don’t like it when people slow me down.
  1. I know how to airbrush failure so it looks like success.
  1. I’d rather lead than follow any day.
  1. I am competitive to a fault.
  1. I can find a way to win over and connect with just about anyone.
  1. I’m a world-champion multitasker.
  1. I keep a close watch on how people are responding to me in the moment.
  1. It’s hard for me to not take work along on vacations.
  1. It’s hard for me to name or access my feelings.
  1. I’m not one to talk much about my personal life.
  1. Sometimes I feel like a phony.
  1. I love setting and accomplishing measurable goals.
  1. I like other people to know about my accomplishments.
  1. I like to be seen in the company of successful people.
  1. I don’t mind cutting corners if it gets the job done more efficiently.
  1. People say I don’t know how or when to stop work

If you think you're a




  1. I like things that are unconventional, dramatic and refined. I’m definitely not a fan of the ordinary.
  1. I never really felt like I belonged.
  1. I have so many feelings in a day it’s hard to know which ones to pay attention to first.
  1. Some people think I am aloof, but I’m really just unique. 
  1. In social situations I tend to hang back and wait for others to approach me.
  1. Melancholy is comfortable for me, so it’s annoying when people try to cheer me up.
  1. I’m not like everyone else…phew.
  1. I’m very sensitive to criticism, and it takes me a while to get over it.
  1. I spend a lot of time trying to explain myself.
  1. When people tell me what to do I’m often tempted to do the opposite.
  1. Sometimes I just disappear and go radio silent for a few days.
  1. I’m okay with sad songs, sad stories, and sad movies. Overly happy people give me a headache.
  1. I feel there is something essential lacking in me.
  1. It’s really hard for me to settle into a relationship because I’m always looking for my ideal soul mate.
  1. I’m self-conscious. It’s hard for me to find my place in a room full of people.
  1. People say I’m too intense and my feelings overwhelm them.
  1. I’m either an artist or highly creative. I come up with one amazing, creative idea after another. It’s executing them that’s hard.
  1. Lots of people misunderstand me, and it makes me frustrated.
  1. I pull people in, but then I get nervous and push them away.
  1. I worry a lot about abandonment.

If you think you're a




  1. I can take care of myself, and I think others could do the same.
  1. I don’t always say things out loud, but in my head I am pretty sarcastic and cynical.
  1. I often feel awkward around other people.
  1. I’m okay if people ask me a few specific questions about myself, but I don’t like it when people want to know too much information.
  1. I need time alone.
  1. If I want people to know how I feel I will tell them. I generally wish they would’t ask.
  1. I think thoughts are more reliable than feelings.
  1. I need a couple of days to process an experience or know how I feel about something.
  1. People are wasteful. I hold on to what I have.
  1. Often I find that I would rather observe than participate.
  1. I trust myself. That means I think about things for a while and then I make my own decisions.
  1. I can’t understand why people get together to “just hang out.”  
  1. I’m a good listener.
  1. I have to be very careful with my time and energy.
  1. I get tired when I have to be with people for too long.
  1. I often felt invisible as a child. Sometimes as an adult I choose to be invisible.
  1. Sometimes I think I should be more generous. It’s hard for me.
  1. In groups, being uninformed makes me very uncomfortable.
  1. I don’t like big social gatherings. I’d rather be with a few people.
  1. Material possessions don’t make me happy.

If you think you're a




  1. I’m always imagining and planning for the worst.
  1. I often don’t trust people who are in authority.
  1. People say I am loyal, understanding, funny and compassionate.
  1. Most of my friends don’t have as much anxiety as I do.
  1. I act quickly in a crisis but when things settle down I fall apart.
  1. When my partner and I are doing really well in our relationship I find myself wondering what will happen to spoil it.
  1. Being sure I’ve made the right decision is almost impossible.
  1. I’m aware that fear has dictated many of my choices in life.
  1. I don’t like to find myself in unpredictable situations.
  1. I find it hard to stop thinking about the things I’m worried about.
  1. I’m generally not comfortable with extremes.
  1. I usually have so much to do it’s hard for me to finish tasks.
  1. I’m most comfortable when I’m around people who are pretty much like me.
  1. People tell me I can be overly pessimistic.
  1. I am slow to start, and once I do get started I find myself continuing to think about what could go wrong.
  1. I don’t trust people who give me too many compliments.
  1. It helps me to have things in some kind of order.
  1. I like to be told I am good at my job, but I get very nervous when my boss wants to add to my responsibilities.
  1. I have to know people for a long time before I can really trust them.
  1. I am skeptical of things that are new and unknown.

If you think you're a




  1. I’m always the first person up for a last-minute adventure.
  1. I am an optimist to a fault.
  1. I don’t like making hard and fast commitments to things.
  1. I suffer from FOMO—fear of missing out.
  1. Anticipation is the best part of life.
  1. People close to me say I can be argumentative and act superior.
  1. Variety and spontaneity are the spice of life.
  1. Sometimes I get so eager for the future I can hardly wait for it to get here.
  1. It’s hard for me to finish things. When I get close to the end of a project I start thinking about the next thing, and then I get so excited I sometimes just move on.
  1. I usually avoid heavy conversation and confrontations.
  1. When people I care about are having a hard time, I help them look at the bright side of the situation.
  1. Other people think I am sure of myself, but I have lots of doubts.
  1. I’m popular and have lots of friends.
  1. When things get too serious for too long I usually find a way to get people to lighten up, often by telling jokes and funny stories.
  1. I don’t like endings, so I usually wait for people to break up with me.
  1. I quickly get bored with the same routine and like to try new things.
  1. Almost everything can be more fun and entertaining with a little effort.
  1. I think people worry more than they should.
  1. Life is better than people image. It’s all about how you explain things to yourself.
  1. I don’t like it when people have expectations of me.

If you think you're a




  1. I have been told that I’m too blunt and aggressive.
  1. Doing things halfway is not my spiritual gift.
  1. I enjoy a good verbal skirmish, just to see what others are made of.
  1. In relationships that matter to me I insist on being honest about conflicts and staying in the fight till things are worked out.
  1. It’s hard for me to trust people.
  1. Justice is worth fighting for.
  1. I can sniff out other people’s weakness the first time I meet them.
  1. Saying no isn’t problem for me.
  1. I welcome opposition. Bring it.
  1. I make decisions fast and from the gut.
  1. I don’t like it when people beat around the bush.
  1. I’m wary of people who are super nice.
  1. When I walk into a room I know immediately who has the most power.
  1. I don’t have much respect for people who don’t stand up for themselves.
  1. One of my mottos is “A good offense is better than a good defense.”
  1. Don’t mess with the people I love.
  1. I know I’m respected. But sometimes I want to be loved.
  1. I have no problem confronting a bully.
  1. If God wanted people to wear their hearts on their sleeve, he would have put it there.
  1. Under my tough exterior is a tender, loving heart.

If you think you're a




  1. I’ll do almost anything to avoid conflict.
  1. I’m not a self-starter.
  1. Somethings I get lost in doing trivial tasks, while things that really need to get done get put off.
  1. I’m happy to go alone with what others want to do.
  1. I tend to procrastinate.
  1. People seem to want me to be more decisive.
  1. When I get distracted and go off task I give my attention to whatever is happening right in front of me.
  1. I often choose the path of least resistance.
  1. I find routines at work and home comforting, and I feel unsettled when something throws them off.
  1. Others see me as more peaceful than I really am.
  1. I have a hard time getting started, but once I do I really get things done.
  1. I’m a “what you see is what you get” person.
  1. I don’t think of my self as being very important.
  1. People think I’m a good listener even though I find it hard to pay attention in a long conversation.
  1. I don’t like to take work home with me.
  1. Sometimes I tune out and think about the past.
  1. I don’t enjoy big social gatherings as much as a quiet evening at home with the ones I love.
  1. Being outdoors is very soothing for me.
  1. I am other quietly stubborn when people put demands on me.
  1. It would feel selfish to spend a whole day doing whatever I want to do.

If you think you're a