Enneagram Type 5

The Investigator

Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and Isolated

Core Motivation: To be competent & capable

As an Enneagram Type 5:  you’re a thinker. An analyst. An investigator. You’re an incredible source of knowledge and can remain focused, systematic, and calm. You can plan, reflect upon it, and analyze that decision accordingly

Challenges you might face as a Type 5:  your attention goes to scarcity and what is being demanded of you, with a sensitivity towards feeling overwhelmed. 

You can get stuck inside your head. You might forget to pay attention to your physical body because you’re lost in your thoughts.

What all this means in your fitness journey:  you will want to consider everything before jumping into a plan of action. You won’t hastily jump onto the next fad. Instead, you’ll tap into your thirst for knowledge and investigate everything about the plan before proceeding. 

You’ll determine how trustworthy it is and what it will take to succeed. This can empower you because it will help you to take a solid look at what you’re getting yourself into, which will set you up for true progress as time goes on.

Be open to guidance. As an enneagram type 5, you may feel you don’t need it. But guidance is key in making real strides toward your goals. 

Allow yourself to trust, and even be a little vulnerable. After all, you thought through everything before jumping in, so now’s the time to relax a bit and keep taking steps forward!

To empower your fitness journey, tap into your thirst for knowledge. The healthiest people on the planet are learning new things about health and wellness every single day

There’s so much you can learn. Learn everything you can and consider the benefits that will come when you apply that information to your lifestyle. Use a systematic approach to reaching your health goals, and you’ll reach them before you know it.

Remember your attention goes to:  scarcity and what is being demanded of you, with a sensitivity towards feeling overwhelmed. It can be easy to do lots of research and forget to actually workout. 

Workouts, like Pilates or weightlifting, where learning proper technique is emphasized and important for success. You are motivated by data so give your mind what it wants even in your workout routine.

Mantras:  Sometimes I don’t know what is going to happen, and that is okay. There is enough time.

Try:  Solo exercises, pilates, weightlifting, swimming, long runs alone.