Enneagram Type 1

The Reformer

Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, Perfectionistic

Core Motivation: Being right & good

As an Enneagram Type 1:  you’re an idealist. A reformer. You want all things to be good and right in the world around you, and you’re constantly looking for how you can make that happen. You’re amazing at organizing and planning, and you’re awesome with detail.

Challenges you might face as a Type 1:  you may become so engulfed with details that you forget to look at the big picture and keep moving. You can be critical of yourself and sometimes of others, although it is motivated by a desire to make sure everything is good, and right, and just. When expectations are unclear, you’ll feel stressed. You’ll want to keep control of everything in life, as much as possible.

What this means in your fitness journey:  you’re seeking improvement, and therefore your intent is good. It will be important for you to stay grounded and rooted in wellness, instead of getting lost in superficial reasons that are only surface level. Focus on how the workout can make you healthier rather than the focusing on how you can lift more than anyone in the gym.

Because you’re focused on details, you’ll be able to analyze a plan for fitness, jump in, and stay on track. You’ll adjust when necessary (before things get out of control) and re-evaluate your path to success whenever necessary.

Make the 80/20 rule your best friend. This can work wonders for you and will help you maintain balance without burning out. It will help you to be less hard on yourself. Keep wellness at the center of your pursuit and choose to dive in full force after taking some time to gather all your information on whatever plan you’re considering.

Remember your habit of attention goes to: improvement and efficiency, and you tend towards workaholism. So, chances are, the line between home and work can be blurred. Finding a way to both unwind and maximize your workout routine is key to its success.

Workout Mantras:  Good is better than None. Practice makes perfect, but it is still okay not to be perfect.

TRY:  Structured exercise often alone that requires discipline and focus. Working out with a trainer for proper technique and feedback on form, weightlifting, running, biking. Keep a Fitness Journal to remind yourself how much you are doing.